Infographic: Grocery List Post Bariatric Surgery

Our infographic is a quick reference for building your grocery list post bariatric surgery. This list of bariatric diet kitchen staples also can be pulled up on your phone as you shop the grocery aisles. If these are the only food items you buy then you’ll be sufficiently stocked to prepare a week’s worth of meals.

Grocery List Post Bariatric Surgery

Preparing your own food is one of the best ways to avoid harmful ingredients and stay on track towards your goal weight. And straying from your grocery list post bariatric surgery is a sure-fire way to experience weight gain. Remember: If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it! 

While whole foods provide the best nutrition and should be your primary food source, occasionally taking a shortcut with prepared bariatric diet foods is welcomed or needed. For prepared items, we recommend shopping the BariatricPal Store for bariatric-approved foods and bariatric vitamins.

Food Diary Post Bariatric Surgery

Keep in mind as you transition into eating whole foods that some items will not sit well in your stomach in the near-term and will need to be added-in slowly. And certain foods may upset your stomach forever. There is a little bit of trial and error here because food intolerance affects different people in different ways. A food diary will come in handy for tracking foods that upset your digestive system and cause issues such as difficulty swallowing, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

What to Eat Post Bariatric Surgery

Our friends at Mexico Bariatric Services suggest the Grocery List Post Bariatric Surgery as a starting point.

But many patients find there are certain troublesome food groups post bariatric surgery that have to be eliminated altogether. Commonly dairy and grains are the culprits. As well, sugar, soda, tough meats, fruit juice, and fried foods are typically eliminated forever.

Do you want to follow a high-protein vegetarian diet post bariatric surgery? Read: Eating a Vegetarian Diet after Bariatric Surgery. 

And now for the the Grocery List Post Bariatric Surgery infographic…



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